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Easy Tips for Removing the Stains from your Upholstery


Cleaning upholstery often seems a real nightmare for many people. And not because it is necessarily a difficult job but because there are so many things that need to be considered. And most people just don’t know where to start from and where to end it. But things are not as dark as they seem to be, although most manufacturers recommend professional cleaning, there are some stains you can take care of at home. Here are a few tips on how to clean your upholstery successfully:

• Before starting to clean your upholstery, vacuum it. It is important to do this because by vacuuming it, you will remove the dust and dirt, allowing you to see the stains more clearly. Use the different attachments that your vacuum has in order to clean the hard to reach areas as well. Make sure you did this job properly before starting to remove the stains from your upholstery. Sometimes, vacuuming itself removes some of the stain, depending on its nature.

• If you spilled something on your upholstery, blot the spill as quickly as you can. Use as many white towels as you need and blot and much liquid as possible. But be careful not to rub or scrub the spilled liquid. This will only make it go deeper into the fabric.

• Before using cleaning products for your upholstery, take two important things into account: the type of fabric the upholstery is made of and the type of the stain on the upholstery. If you are not sure what kind of products to use, read the tags of the upholstery. In case you don’t have them anymore or the upholstery is valuable or antique, the recommended solution is to call some professionals.

There are different types of stains and spills, and each of them can be removed in a different way. Here is a list of stains and how they can be removed:

1. Coffee stains can be removed using a solution made of dishwashing detergent, water and vinegar. After mixing the ingredients, dab the solution on the upholstery until the stain goes away.

2. Wine and other beverage stains can be removed using club soda. This must be dabbed on the stain with a cloth or paper towel. Then you must steam clean the stain with cold water mixed with a small amount of shampoo or dishwashing liquid.

3. A solution made of one cup of hydrogen peroxide and ? teaspoon of color safe bleach can easily remove the mold and mildew from your upholstery. After rubbing the solution on the stain, rinse it with a wet cloth.

4. Grease and oil stain can be a real nightmare for someone who doesn’t know how to remove them. The easiest way to remove this type of stains is to sprinkle salt or talcum powder and allow the grease to lift off upholstery. It can be then brushed off with a damp cloth.

5. Ink stains can be easily removed by spraying some hairspray on the stain and gently dabbing the area until the stain goes away. If needed, more hairspray can be applied on the stain.

6. Pet hair and debris can be removed just by vacuuming the upholstery using a crevice attachment or a lint roller.

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