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Home Cleaning Tips – Cleaning Your Home In The Right Manner


Cleanliness is next to Godliness. The maxim holds true as a clean home account for a healthy living. We either hire someone to do the cleaning or we do it ourselves. The easiest part is to hire someone to clean your home and you can supervise the work. In such a scenario, there are certain things you need to take care of such as the areas of the house that needs cleaning along with the time it will take for cleaning. You also need to work on the budget for cleaning the house.

Refer to the local newspapers to know what is the rate charged by the people or search the net for related information. Get in touch with the companies that are providing cleaning services, get their quotations along with the information on what services are provided by them in the given budget. This information should be taken in detail to avoid future dilemma. You should keep a note of the services provided by them and the knowledge of their working style. Apart from getting someone to do the cleaning, you can also do it yourself. Now, before you start the cleaning process, you should plan out certain things. Time is of the utmost importance. You need to figure out the following things:

    The time required for the job to be done.
    The manpower required to clean the house.
    The parts of the house that needs to be cleaned.
    The kind of detergents required for cleaning.

The above cited questions are to be done away with suitable answers. For instance, if you have limited time and manpower, the best method to clean the house is to divide it into small jobs and do one job at a time. On the other hand, with limited time and plenty of people serving the purpose, the job at hand can be completed in no time. The ideal way is to have time and manpower in abundance.

Find below the points to clean a single room if the time is limited and the manpower is less. The methods to be borne in mind while cleaning a room are as follows:

 Start With Tidying Up

You need to plan your cleaning. Start by putting away all the smaller items safe in the cabinet. Put heavy items out of the room if necessary. Cover the bed to protect it from the dust. The tidying up is the most difficult part and should be executed in the right manner so that you keep your energy for the rest of the cleaning job.

 The Cleaning Detergents

You need to be very specific with the detergents you use for home cleaning. The cleaning detergents should be decided on beforehand to make your job organized. Carrying all your cleaning detergent can be difficult hence, you should make a special bin to put all your cleaning detergents in it and carry them anywhere with ease. There are certain cleaning products you may want to carry with you are carpet cleaner, glass cleaner, rags, furniture polish, antibacterial spray and room freshener. Also carry a small garbage disposal bag along with the bin. The detergents should be effective and strong enough to clean the dirty spots.

 Clean From Top To Bottom

You need to start from the ceiling and end on the floor. The corners are to be cleaned of spider webs and the windows should be cleaned next. The next step is to clean and polish the cabinets. Coming from top to bottom, vacuum the carpet and clean it with a carpet cleaner. The floor should be cleaned with the disinfectant.

A clean house is a suitable place to live and it diminishes the risk of health related issues. Give your family a clean and healthy home to live in.

Author Bio – Mark has many articles to his name. His article on Cleaning Supplies has been appreciated by many people. He has wonderful writing skills and his articles are beneficial for the people.

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