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     Exceptional and speedy service. They responded to emails almost immediately, arrived right on time, and completed the job in a matter of hours. The steam-cleaned carpets are noticeably better. I'll definitely return for more services.
Neil M.09/07/2024
     Great service delivered professionally. Highly recommended.
     These cleaners are superb; extremely thorough and profoundly professional.
Summer Langley10/06/2024
     Shoutout to London House Cleaners for this amazing cleaner. Thanks!
Andrea Banks31/05/2024
     The professionalism and dedication shown by the cleaners at Cleaning London are unmatched.
     My encounter with the service was nothing less than amazing; going for deep cleaning once I moved resulted in a perfectly clean house thanks to their efficient team.
Mark Forrester16/04/2024
     The flawless appearance of the flat has me convinced that we won't encounter any difficulties in obtaining our deposit back, thanks to them!
Richard M.30/03/2024
     Thanks to London House Cleaners, the process of moving into our new home was made much easier, as their top-notch cleaning services saved us time and effort.
Josh S.20/03/2024
     The impeccable service of London House Cleaning left a lasting impression on me.
Garry L.01/03/2024
     The crew from Cleaning London went above and beyond our expectations with their unwavering dependability, upbeat demeanor, and exceptional cleaning skills while tackling a grubby house. Despite facing delays caused by a rail strike, they soldiered on and didn't leave until every surface was spotless. We are incredibly grateful to the entire team!
     My experience with this cleaning company has shown that they truly value their customers and strive to provide the best service possible.
Jimmy F.04/02/2024
     The team at London House Cleaners has proven themselves yet again, as their second end-of-tenancy clean for us resulted in a full refund of our deposit.
Julie and Marie25/01/2024
     From start to finish, everything was handled with such care and attention, resulting in an unforgettable first-time experience. Thank you for your exceptional work!
Richard P.15/01/2024
     If you want your carpets cleaned properly and efficiently, look no further than London House Cleaning. Their cleaner was fantastic - not only did they do a great job, but they were also very professional.
Chris G.18/12/2023
     Decided to book House Cleaning London after lots of reviews saying how good they were - ended up being even better than expected! Came on time, worked hard throughout without stopping, and the house was totally spick-and-span once they'd finished. Highly recommend them!
Ollie W.02/08/2023
     Exquisite quality service provided by House Cleaners. The task was conducted swiftly. Initially I had apprehensions as this was my introductory experience with them but they surely came through!
Laura T.19/07/2023
     I can't believe my eyes - London House Cleaners has cleaned my tile, floor, sink and more to perfection! Unbeatable service as always.
Sarah Watson23/02/2023
     The cleaners worked solidly for a good two hours. The amount of work London House Cleaning put in was amazing. I certainly got value for money.
M. Green27/04/2018
     My business was a bit lax when it came to cleaning and it would come back to haunt us. We found ourselves inviting clients and partners over to a messy office and we struggled to find things we needed. Wanting this problem solved as soon as possible, we hired London House Cleaning. They were able to clean the whole place up in a day, making the office look completely different. We are amazed at the work and will keep their number handy for the future.
Michelle Black24/09/2015
     I recently took some furniture out of storage. It had been there for a year while I spent time abroad. It was still in good condition, but seemed slightly dusty and had an odour from being tucked away. London House Cleaning specialises in sofa and upholstery cleaning so they were up for the task of restoring it back to its original cleanliness. I was grateful to be able to sit back and relax in my clean furniture after so much time away!
Julia P.24/03/2015
     I have been using their cleaning services for such a long time that this review was long overdue. On the offset, I would like to thank London House Cleaning for the wonderful cleaning services they provided me and for making my home look so great from week to week. I like that they are always on time and never crib about the amount of cleaning they have to do. Besides, I am absolutely in love with the way they clean my bathroom! I would whole heartedly recommend them to you for any household cleaning you need done!
Jenny Banks18/02/2015
     Living in London can prove really expensive, so it stands to reason that cleaning companies will charge a fortune for regular office cleans. However London House Cleaning is the exception to the rule, as they offer competitive, reasonable fixed rates and have a wealth of experience when it comes to office cleaning. Running a large corporation, I have an x amount to spend on cleaning services, but with this cleaning company I'm actually under-budget! It's a top-quality service, on the lower price scale, translating to any business owner's dream!
     I was hesitant about calling London House Cleaning but I'm glad I did. I wasn't sure that they would able to assist with my house cleaning but they did everything I could ever need. Their top team came to my house and assisted with all the chores I faced. They were able to help me to remove old items, polish furniture, wipe floors, windows and much more. After this positive experience with them, I am sure to hire them again for help with my cleaning.
Thomas Arkwright18/12/2014
     Of all the holidays, my favourite must be Halloween, and I hold a legendary party to celebrate it every year. This year was bigger and better than ever before, because all my friends were there to help me celebrate the spooky holiday. The mess, however, was definitely not my favourite part of the evening, so I thought that I would hire the excellent services of London House Cleaning to come and clear it up for me. What amazed me was the level of work at such an affordable price, even my friends couldn't recognize the house after the cleaner was done. 10/10!
     Nobody enjoys their end of tenancy cleaning but we all know it has to be done and done really well. It is important to pick the right company and I feel like we definitely did with London House Cleaning. Their staff were all polite and considerate and they left the place looking as good as it did on our day of arrival. This goes a long way to us getting our deposit back and we are really grateful for that. I would recommend them highly for any sort of cleaning work, they do a great job!
     This review is from someone who struggles with her regular cleaning duties. Stretching to get to the high and low areas is tiring, and I often lose patience with the trickier jobs. My roommate, obviously noticing recommended that we both chip in and hire a professional cleaner. We took a gamble with London House Cleaning, and it more than paid off! We were expecting a competent service, and what we got was an excellent one. All of those jobs I found tricky were taken care of in a jiff, and that's just marvelous. Our flat looks amazing as a result of this company, and I would recommend them to everyone in a heartbeat!
Millie T.29/08/2014
     I am extremely happy with how everything went on our recent carpet clean. I used London House Cleaning and they did a sterling job, ensuring that nothing was left damp or soggy, and that all stains were removed effectively. I know for a fact that they were the cheapest in the area, as I could not get anyone else to give me as good a quote. It is essential that our carpets look their best, and I am happy to have found the perfect company for the job.
Carl Robinson31/07/2014
     My mother wanted to get a cleaner for years but could never afford it so for her birthday I paid for a year of a cleaning service. I went with London House Cleaning because it worked well around my budget and I'd heard very good things about them. My mum brings up her cleaner every time I see her and she's constantly bragging to all of her friends about how great her house looks and how she's so impressed at the price and quality. I heard she's thinking of keeping her cleaner on after the year's up too.
Charlie F.16/07/2014
     Definitely recommend these cleaners, they've been cleaning my home and the homes of a number of family members for a long time and we have never had a problem with them. I have never seen such a comprehensive cleaning process and they seem to breeze through it like it was a walk in the park. All of the staff that I have encountered have been really friendly and professional so I could not find any reason whatsoever not to recommend them to anybody looking for reliable cleaners. Certainly London House Cleaning have a great local reputation so you really cannot go wrong.
Gordon B.30/06/2014
     My office has only 4 employees but the space is tight which usually means that it gets untidy very quickly. My secretary suggested hiring an office cleaning company to take on the arduous task of tidying the place up once or twice per week. We chose London House Cleaning to do our cleaning as they claimed to be specialist office cleaners. We have been using them now for just over 4 months and in that time I have found them to be very professional and courteous to both me and my staff. They charge me a fair price for an amazing job.
Berni Wagstaff12/06/2014
     I was moving into a new house and wanted my old place getting back into order. There was a lot of grease and dirt left after the electrical items had been moved out. The kitchen and the bathroom were looking grimy too. So I hired London House Cleaning for a move out cleaning service. The price I was quoted seemed fair, and a date was arranged. The cleaners turned up promptly and with a stack of cleaning supplies. They got on with the scrubbing and rinsing and really did a great cleaning service throughout the house. The final result was brilliant.
Lauran S.26/05/2014
     You will find in life that a good cleaner on speed dial is a perfect way to get yourself out of plenty of sticky situations! We had an 18th birthday party at our house for our son last Friday, and safe to say, I was on the phone to London House Cleaning the very next day! They got the place looking magnificent in only a couple of hours, and I was amazed by the ways in which they managed to get the stains out of the carpets! In all seriousness they have made me worry less about what goes on in the house, as I know I can always get them to sort it out now!
Amanda Turner14/05/2014
     Getting a cleaner round every week has totally transformed my life! I used to stress about getting the kids home from school, feeding them, cleaning and also getting any extra work done. But now I can do all that without being hacked off because the place looks a tip! London House Cleaning have transformed the way that I live my life, and I am very happy to suggest that everyone else out there tries them on for size. It could well be the best move that I have ever made! Get in touch now for a five star cleaning service!
M. Cook29/04/2014
     I hate that my flatmates aren't as much of a clean freak as me as I just can't live in a messy house! The only company I could convince them to pay for was London House Cleaning because their prices were so cheap. I thought it might be a bit of a disaster and I was a little nervous about who would turn up. It was all silly though because my cleaner is my new best friend I make her a cup of coffee every week when she turns up (on time, I might add), and now I live in a beautifully clean house and I don't do much housework. Everybody wins!
     If you're looking for top quality cleaning, I can definitely recommend London House Cleaning. They've been helping me for a few months now and it's not only the price which I enjoy, but the fact that I can sit around in a clean and tidy home without having to worry about how I'm going to keep it this way. I'm worried that this makes me sound lazy, but I can definitely appreciate the fact that they take away from the work for me. It just makes my life that much easier, which is all I ever wanted, really.
Daniel Cook19/03/2014
     Having three kids, a part time job and a husband who works long hours means that I am often left feeling spread fairly thinly, and when it comes to housework, that's not really acceptable. You need to do a great job on the cleaning, as it is important for health and the like; no one wants to be coughing because of dust in their own home! Every now and then I get London House Cleaning in, to ensure that I get the house feeling properly spic and span for once, and it means that I can relax a lot more! The cleaners are always great and very nice to have around, which certainly sweetens the deal!
Shawna Stone05/03/2014
     Choosing London House Cleaning for my home cleaning was the best choice I made all year. I have used a number of unsatisfactory cleaning companies in the past. They broke valuable items or provide a less than average cleaning job. I was pleasantly surprised with the service offered by London House Cleaning because they were high quality at an affordable price. They knew exactly what areas in my home needed a little extra attention and were able to provide that extra time and energy. They are flexible about when they work which is convenient for my busy schedule. I will continue to use their services and I recommend them highly!
Ryan Miller18/02/2014
     Did you know that most furniture manufacturers recommend a professional clean at least once every two years? I certainly didn't until I found the label when I thought it was about time it had a clean! Rather than open up a whole can of words by myself I decided to get London House Cleaning round to give my sofa its first proper clean in the five years since I bought it. It was looking a little on the tired side, but after an hour with the team it was looking glorious again. All those little marks and stains were gone and my lovely comfy chair was back to as new. Great work!
Mrs Evans30/01/2014
     This is the best cleaning company I've ever used! London House Cleaning were able to tackle all of my cleaning needs and my cleaner even took the initiative to get into those nooks and crannies that everyone always forgets about! I work from home, but the cleaning was so speedy and unobtrusive that I barely noticed there was anyone in the house! This is a great service - it's really affordable, really professional and amazingly great quality! I'd recommend this cleaning company to anyone who's looking for a cleaner house without having to put in any of the hard work!
Paul S.20/01/2014
     Cleaning has always been something that I was terrible at. I mean, sure, you never get good at something that you don't like in the first place, but I've never been able to get things done quickly enough for it to be worthwhile. Luckily, I have London House Cleaning on my side, so I'm not completely stuck! They give a great service, and ensure that the place looks excellent whenever I need them to, which suits me! Their flexibility is one of the main reasons that I use them. If I'm away with work, I don't have to hand over any cash, and if I need to do more than one clean one week, then they can make it happen, perfect!
Chris Torres07/01/2014
     I can't believe it took me this long to hire a cleaning company! I always felt guilty about never having the time or energy to clean up my house, and when I heard about London House Cleaning I decided they might be exactly what I need. I couldn't have been more right! They're affordable, professional and really friendly. I was hesitant about having a stranger in my house, but I've had nothing but fantastic service again and again. Now I can't imagine not having professional cleaners! If you're worried about your house cleaning then I can't commend these professional cleaners enough!
Jack U.17/12/2013
     I had never seen a bathroom sparkle like it. I was at a friends and her bathroom looked like a show home; all clean, tidy and organised. I asked her how she managed to keep it like that and she told me it was all London House Cleaning's work, and a cleaner had been there that day. I wanted a piece of that, so I called them and now my bathroom sparkles the same! It really is amazing just what a superb job they do of the cleaning; every week I am still surprised by it!
Joanie Franck04/12/2013
     Knowing that you need to get so much cleaning done as you drive home from the kid's school, after work, things can get a little depressing. I finally managed to convince my husband that a cleaner was a good idea, and have never looked back since. London House Cleaning have been round three times now, and I have zero complaints, as they really are great at what they do. Service with a smile is important in our house, and the staff that they send over are really pleasant and well presented, which makes a lovely change.
Ann Henders24/11/2013
     I hope that all reading this review will take my advice and hire London House Cleaning, the best cleaning company I have ever come across. Their dedication to service is quite rare to see in this day and age when everyone seems to be trying to get away with the highest price for the lowest amount of work possible. I trust them completely in my home and have used them for years, so hopefully you will feel that they are worth your trust as well!
K. Williams14/11/2013
     Having been to various companies and private cleaners, I was really happy to have found London House Cleaning as they were a breath of fresh air in terms of the great service they give for such a decent price! Good value is sometimes hard to find as there is often a lot of slacking off that goes on with cleaners. If you are leaving the cleaner at your house, how much do they actually clean once you have left? With these guys, I was pretty much convinced that they stayed for longer than I paid them, as the place was so clean!
Jenny R.13/11/2013
     I was delighted with the service that London House Cleaning performed for me last week. I had a different company deal with my old house and they were good, but this new company are amazing! The prices were great so I thought I'd give it a whirl, and all was done so much more quickly than I had imagined, and to a very high standard! I would recommend the team to anyone looking for a great cleaner, who has to keep the prices down, but does not want to skimp on quality! Ten out of ten, five star cleaning!
Janet Hoffman08/11/2013
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