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16Jun 2023
Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet Cleaning Tips


If you have managed to move into a new home recently, then you likely experienced the fun of having a brand new carpet too. Carpets eventually get dirty, as is expected to happen, however you can protect them by following some easy steps to prevent most of the damage. The cleaning tips in this article will give you a chance to maintain your carpet on a regular basis. Despite the fact most of them are common sense, doing them semi-often will save you a heap of efforts later down the line. We begin with the following tip:

•    Buy rugs for your chosen carpet.
Putting up some of them over your carpet will give you an additional layer of protection, allowing you to concentrate on certain areas around the carpet. You can move the rugs around of you want to change things around and freshen up the environment of your rooms. This is doubly effective if you’re living in a rented home, as you will have less to worry about when it comes to wear and tear.

•    Vacuum your carpets on a regular basis.
Doing so about once a week will help you minimize any dust, food scraps, hair and other things that dust mites feed on. These contaminants end up embedded in the fibres of your carpet, raising the risk of allergies and repsiratory problems, so make sure you do this as part of a regular routine.

•    Use carpet freshener on your carpets.
Allow it to work for about fifteen minutes or else, depending on the instructions. Vacuum the carpets afterward, doing it as well as possible to remove any freshener residue. The powder will remove any scents that may have been a cause of discomfort. The freshener should be used about once a month to keep them smelling nice and fresh.

•    Cleaning separate spots.
When you notice a spot or something similar on your carpet, it should be addressed right away. Make sure you blot out the stain or spill with a paper towel, then followed with a warm, wet sponge. If it remains after that, you will have to deal with it by applying a carpet cleaner meant for such particular problems.

•    Hire a carpet cleaning company or rent a machine.
This is an investment that may be needed from time to time, however doing things by yourself will mean you will need to possess some amount of experience to work with said machine. You will need to move all furniture out of a the room with your carpet, vacuuming for any dust, then working with the machine. Carpet cleaning machines work very well on cleaning individual stains as well, though you should consider using the services of a professional company, unless you have done this before.

•    Instill a shoes-off rule around your home.
Having a rule of that kind will help you keep your home cleaner and for longer at that. Leaving your shoes on a shoe rack is the way to go, but trotting around your home with them is a big no. Remind your family, friends and kids about the rule every time, so it would become part of the customs.
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